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UEM organizes water quality workshop in Mozambique

The Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) and the BioForMoz Project (Italian Development Cooperation Agency – AICS) promoted a Workshop on “Water Quality Monitoring” on the 28th and 29th of November 2023, in Maputo.

The initiative comes within the scope of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between UEM and Maputo Metropolitan Waters (Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo, SA – AdRMM) for cooperation and transfer of skills in diverse areas of knowledge for better management of the public water supply service and drinking water quality monitoring.

Eduardo Mondlane University (CB-UEM) has been developing, in its Organic Units, interdisciplinary research focused on evaluating the quality of surface drinking waters and wastewaters, thus generating a positive impact on the health of consumers in small and large cities across the country.

The event aimed to (i) advertise ongoing activities related to water quality monitoring at UEM; (ii) Identify potential synergies and mutual contributions between UEM and different relevant institutions in the management of drinking water supply; (iii) improve inter-institutional coordination in water quality analysis and (iv) share experiences and research results regarding water quality monitoring.

In this way, the Workshop allowed the dissemination of relevant scientific and technical knowledge and activities developed at UEM regarding water quality to government institutions, companies, private institutions and society in general, and facilitated the creation of synergies between UEM and the different Institutions responsible for managing and operating the public water supply service, aiming to safeguard the health of consumers.

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