Laboratory Capacity Development

New equipment provided:

  • Laboratory and Office furniture
  • Computing Systems and their peripherals
  • Q cupboards
  • Safety Cabinets for chemicals
  • Centrifuges (normal and refrigerated)
  • High-speed centrifuges
  • Thermal Cycler systems
  • Ultra-Low Temperature freezers
  • Class II Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Analytical balances
  • Air Conditioners
  • Thermal cycling systems
  • Qubit 4 Fluorimeters
  • Pipets
Rehabilitation and capacity improvement interventions
Centre of Biotechnology
  • Construction of the BioBank laboratory
  • Construction of a warehouse for inert materials
  • Restructuring interventions for risk prevention in all the laboratories
  • Rehabilitation of the Class 3+ Biosecurity Cabin
  • Expansion of the wireless network
  • Extension of the LAN in all the environments of the Laboratory, with networking of the equipment
  • Placement of control and filtering systems of gaseous emissions in all the premises of the Laboratory
  • Installation of a new electrical grid according to safety standards
  • Installation of a video camera safety system and external lighting
  • Installation of a fire alarm system
  • Installation of a grid protection system against overloads and atmospheric discharges
  • Installation of a videoconferencing system
  • Construction of a new building for the offices of researchers and administrators
Museum of Natural History
  • Rehabilitation of the BioBank laboratory
  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of the electrical grid of laboratories and offices sections
  • Acquisition and installation of 1 Generator of 70 KVA for laboratories and offices
  • Installation of digitally controlled glass-aluminium anti-intrusion doors in all the laboratories
  • Installation of a video camera safety system at MHN
  • Installation of an anti-intrusion control system with infrared sensors
Center of Biotechnology
Center of Biotechnology
New offices of researchers and administration
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History