The Maputo

Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History, University E. Mondlane, officially created in 1913, is one of the oldest museums in Mozambique. Since its origins, the Museum has included hundreds of specimens of animals, insects and fish of undoubted naturalistic and scientific value and ethnographic objects acquired over time. The Museum area consists of an exhibition building of 1200m2 (ground floor) + 1000m2 (1st floor); the management and laboratory building of 600m2 and the taxidermy laboratory of 200m2.

It is organized into 2 departments: the Department of Museology and the Department of Natural Sciences. The research activities mainly concern the biology, ecology and conservation of Mozambican fauna species, with particular interest in entomology, marine mammals (dolphins and dugong), fish, wet land birds and Marromeu and Gorongosa buffalo populations.

With the previous projects and BioForMoz,
we have trained highly specialized personnel
and have installed and equipped several
laboratories which are currently developing
different research projects.

Museu Historia Natural

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