Gala Field Station

On 28 August 2022 an agreement was signed between the Biotechnology Center, the COMBAT project (Controlling and progressively Minimizing the Burden of Animal Trypanosomosis, and BioForMoz for the development of the Gala Field Station, a laboratory and reception facility in the area south of the Gala entrance of the Maputo National Park which, in addition to the study for the control of trypanosomiasis, intends to study biodiversity and emerging and prevalent zoonoses.

COMBAT is a large international project coordinated by CIRAD, France, which in addition to Mozambique and Italy includes Spain and Belgium and 14 African countries.

BioForMoz, in addition to providing continuous logistical support, is preparing the procedures for the rehabilitation of residential structures and the installation of the station’s photovoltaic power supply system, in order to host training courses and research teams. Any samples collected are stored in the BioBank.

BioForMoz, on the basis of the signed collaboration agreement, contributes with a PhD scholarship “Evaluation of new tools to eliminate Glossina spp and use of integrated methods for the control of trypanosomiasis in naturally infected cattle in Maputo Special Reserve for 12 months” and a fellowship of Master in Biotechnology “Molecular detection of pathogens and identification of the food source in ticks of the genus Rhipicephalus maculatus in Maputo National Park”.


Accommodation living room
Laboratory facility
Kitchen in rehabilitation
Campsite in rehabilitation
Canteen in rehabilitation

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