Quality Control

The project envisages the development, at the CB-UEM, of the capacity to provide services in terms of food quality analysis, to support the control activities of the National Inspection of Economic Activities (INAE) and the country’s export capabilities.

A survey will be carried out on the existing analytical capacities in the UEM in the biosciences sector, with the aim of strengthening the capacities to carry out certified chemical, microbiological and toxicological analyses along the agro-food value chains and to identify the EMU Laboratories with the greatest performance potential for services delivery.

Four procedures to be subjected to ISO certification were identified, on the basis of the existing equipment and skills, and an action plan was drawn up regarding the Laboratory of the Biotechnology Centre and the Biochemistry Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine.

The procedures that will be certified under the project are the following:


• diagnosis of crayfish white spot syndrome (WSS);
• diagnosis of the Banana Brunch Top Virus (BBTV);
• OGMs identification.
• microbiological quality of water for human consumption

The following interventions were carried out for the professional qualification of the personnel in terms of the provision of services:

• Training of 3 Internal Auditors ISO 19011 on Quality Management of Laboratories;
• Training of 4 technicians e 6 researchers of the CB-UEM and 2 researchers of the MHN-UEM in Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR);
• Training of 10 researchers of the CB-UEM and 2 researchers of the MHN-UEM on ISO 17025 norm;
• Assessment of environments and equipment for complaining with norms on safety, accident prevention and response to emergency situations;
• Risk Assessment and development of Emergency Plans and Risk Mitigation Plans for the laboratories of the CB-UEM and the MHN-UEM;
• Diagnostic Auditing of the CB-UEM Laboratories, by an ISO certified company, for the assessment of the needs and the elaboration of an adaptation and investments plan relating to the accreditation for 3 analytical processes (WSS, BBTV, OGM);
• Elaboration of the activity plan for the ISO 20387 certification of the 2 BioBank laboratories, at CB-UEM and the MHN.

crayfish white spot syndrome
Banana Brunch Top Virus
OGMs identification
microbiological quality of water for human consumption