Fellowships for training and research

Seminar for the presentation of the intermediate results of the research and of the dissertation works of the Master's courses financed through the fellowships. April 12, 2023, Maputo

BioForMoz develops training and research by fellowships.
Up to today’s date (July, 01, 2023) a total of 28 fellowships have been assigned:
● 16 Scholarships for UEM Masters (11 for the Master in Biotechnology, 3 for the Master in
Nutrition Science and 1 for the Master in Ecology and Conservation Biology and Ecology); the
scholarships are biennial and consist of pocket money and a fund for the purchase of
consumables for laboratory activities and possible field locations for sample collection.
● 9 research grants (for young researchers with a graduate or master’s degree);
● 2 PhD fellowships in Bioscience and Public Health from the UEM;
● 1 Post-doctoral fellowships.

The research, doctoral and post-doc scholarships are made up of
a) an ad personam sum, with an annual duration, renewable up to a total of 3 years;
b) a grant for carrying out a training internship at research centers in Italy;
c) a fund for the purchase of laboratory consumables and field dislocation expenses for sample collection.
Each fellow is followed by a Mozambican senior supervisor and an Italian supervisor, chosen among the research institutions of excellence in Italy on the basis of the research topic.