One of the strong points of BioForMoz is constituted by the collegial bodies for managing and addressing the project.

Each decision is therefore matured, defined and decided in harmony between the components of the project.

Below we illustrate the commissions that implement the activities of BioForMoz

BioForMoz Management and Coordination Committee ​

The Committee is the joint body that coordinates the scientific research activities and the general management of the project

BioForMoz Scientifc

The C.S. supports research projects by guaranteeing their excellence and scientific rigor, providing consultancy and in-depth seminars, allowing for a link with the network of research centers of excellence in Italy.

BioForMoz Commission for training research fellowships​

The commission identifies the research areas to which to allocate masters, research, PhD and postdoc scholarships, guaranteeing their scientific rigor and identifying possible collaborations with Mozambican and Italian professors

BioForMoz Didactic Commission of the Master in Biotechnology​

The commission manages the organization and teaching of the Master, selects the students to be admitted and the teachers for the modules and guarantees its scientific excellence

BioForMoz Italian Research Staff​

This is the Italian group that support the research activities of the project, both in presence at the Biotechnology Center and the Museum of Natural History and at distance from Italian universities Thanks to all of them BioForMoz strives for excellence

BioForMoz Mozambican Staff

This is the operational staff group of the Biotechnology Center. Thanks to all of them BioForMoz strives for excellence