Charmila Mussagy Sineque (Veterinary Faculty) :

Molecular Characterization and Mycotoxin Profile of Toxigenic Fungi Isolated from Maize and Peanut in South region of Mozambique.

General objective:  Evaluate the fungal contamination and mycotoxin profile of toxigenic fungi in corn and peanuts stored and traded locally in the southern region of Mozambique.
Specific objectives:Identify toxigenic molds in maize and peanuts stored and marketed locally in Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane; Make the macroscopic and microscopic morphological identification of filamentous Fungi; Isolate Aspergillus, Penicillium and Fusarium genera in maize and peanuts stored and marketed locally; Identify the markers in the mycotoxin profile of isolated toxigenic fungi; Detect and quantify mycotoxins with the AgraStrip system; Compare the toxigenic potential of the strains with the expression of mycotoxigenic genes.

 In collaboration with: Department of Earth, Environment and Life Sciences, Università di Genova, Italia