Biotechnology Center

Master in Biotechnology

Master's Objectives

Master’s Degree in Biotechnology at the University Eduardo Mondlane aims to offer the opportunity to specialized theoretical-experimental higher education in biotechnology, with the aim of providing for the market researchers and technicians able to contribute to the solution of problems in the areas of agriculture, environment, human and animal health and Industry.

The class of the 2nd Cycle of Masters in Biotechnology

Target Group

They constitute the target group of the Master in Biotechnology professionals licensed in Medicine, Medicine Veterinary, Agronomy, Forest Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Biology and related areas.

Master in Biotech Classroom
Calssroom of Master in Biotechnology

Selections of Candidates

Applications to attend the Master’s will be assessed by the Master’s Scientific Committee, being approved by the Director of the Biotechnology Center at UEM, in accordance with the “Regulation of Master’s Courses”.

Aditional Information

Application forms will be available at secretary of the Biotechnology Center, located at Av. in Mozambique, Km 1.5 in Maputo. for information about scholarships, you can contact same secretary. In case of doubts or need further clarification write to Alternatively, the form can be accessed online. through the link: