Herm├│genes Mucache (CB, COMBAT):

Evaluation of new tools to eliminate Glossina spp and use of integrated methods for the control of trypanosomiasis in naturally infected cattle in Maputo Special Reserve for 12 months.

General objective:  To evaluate the effectiveness of a combination of trypanosomiasis control methods in cattle herds in the buffer zone and within the Maputo National Park (PNM); evaluation of molecular markers in the differentiation of new infections from recurrences, in the course of natural infections in cattle; evaluate the efficiency of small polyethylene targets impregnated with deltamethrin in the control of Glossina brevipalpis and G. austeni in the buffer zone and within the PNM; determine parasitological and haematological parameters in cattle naturally infected with Trypanosoma spp. in the buffer zone and within the PNM.
In collaboration with: COMBAT