Biotechnology Center

In May 2005, the Eduardo Mondlane University, supported by the Italian cooperation, set up the UEM Biotechnology Center, with the aim of equipping itself with a tool for modern research, to innovate academic training and culture and to open concrete perspectives to a new generation of researchers motivated by technological innovation.

The Biotechnology Center, located within the Veterinary Faculty campus, is institutionally positioned as a biomedical interfaculty center (Agronomy, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Sciences), a model of great interest for maximizing human and material resources and which plays a significant role in linking area activities within the UEM.

The CB provides technical assistance to the laboratories of the Faculties, personnel training, transfer of know-how and coordination of research through scientific collaborations aiming at the propagation and application development of biotechnologies. The laboratories, currently totally rehabilitated, cover an area of 1000 m2, integrated by large installations for management of small and large animals.

DNA extraction lab
DNA extraction lab
Electrophoresys lab
Experimental enclosurefor large animals