Department of Biology and Biotechnology Charles Darwin

The Department of Biology and Biotechnology Charles Darwin (BBCD) was born from the reorganization of the Departments of the Biological Area of Sapienza which took place in July 2010. The Department includes most of the staff of the old Departments of “Animal and Human Biology”, “Biology Cellular and Developmental” and “Genetics and Molecular Biology”, and resumes, in all their variety and heterogeneity, the scientific and educational purposes

The Department aims to develop and integrate numerous lines of research in the biological area related to the organization and functional analysis of biodiversity, at the molecular, cellular, systemic, organismal and population levels. The research activity includes the fundamental aspects of the main biological disciplines, including the evolutionary, biotechnological and applicative aspects related to them. The quality and multiplicity of the disciplines present in the Department allow a vast and qualified training offer mainly for teaching in Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, and in doctorates and masters of various levels, without prejudice to participation in the teaching activities of the Degree Courses in Natural Sciences and Environmental and of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine.

The experimental approaches used are largely interdisciplinary, as increasingly frequently required by the complexity of the problems faced and by methodological innovations. To this end, the coexistence in the Department of a wide range of specific skills relating to the various disciplinary areas is of considerable importance.