Associazione Italiana per la Solidarietà tra i Popoli

The Italian NGO AISPO (Associazione Italiana per la Solidarietà tra i Popoli), technical partner of the initiative, supports the administration and logistics of BioForMoz, guaranteeing the regular flow of local funding, the sending of Italian personnel, the procurement, the purchase and the shipment of the materials acquired in Italy.

In particular, AISPO realizes:

  • development projects in the health sector, supporting hospitals, health centers and dispensaries with human and material resources. It offers expertise and technical assistance to improve basic health services, support general hospitals, implement national health programs and upgrade highly specialized hospital units. These activities are based on ambitious civil works projects to rehabilitate and equip hospital units, in collaboration with the public authorities of the intervention countries, both locally and nationally, ensuring real cooperation and project sustainability. AISPO aims to reach even the most remote areas, which are often the most in need, using mobile clinics.
  • emergency and post-emergency interventions, to deal with the suffering caused by natural phenomena, epidemics and wars. AISPO provides basic and specific assistance and health services to people affected by chronic emergencies, to host communities that welcome refugees and displaced persons, to victims of tsunamis and earthquakes.
  • training activities, a key element of all AISPO projects. Experts and specialists are sent to the site to support continuous training programs, implement workshops, courses and conferences, and thus transfer the health skills necessary for autonomous and independent local development. Furthermore, AISPO facilitates the organization of training courses and scholarships at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, addressed to the healthcare, technical and managerial personnel of the beneficiary countries.